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Much of the financial world has been set up around the fractional reserve government/central bank model. As more evidence manifests every day as to the error of this type of thinking and model, a new method for businesses to solicit investment and move capital is needed. This model would be a non fractional, non usury based model with a contractual agreement underscoring the investment project. Precious metals would be the base money against which any conversions for local use would be based. This holds all fiat currencies to one non political standardRisk is shared by investor and investment partners. There is no such thing as zero risk in the modeling of products in this structure. The main focus of the house would be to bring together opportunities and capital within this framework and receive its income from fees for services and membership. There are probably numerous existing financial players who would be interested in development along these lines. This project is not so much a building from the ground up as it is reorganizing some of the players. Consider what the original "stock market" was. This is a return to that concept on a free market concept. Ultimate development will be in a multitude of areas all horizontally linked. Organizations or individuals with an interest in this concept contact us. 

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