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With all the hoopla over placing government in charge of health care in the US it has caused many to reexamine the industry as a whole. Here at CIDNSA we have decided that there is a real free market alternative to the current debate and have initiated this project to develop that concept. We understand that in many "developed" countries these plans may be illegal since government runs the entire industry for its benefit. Our area of marketing is aimed where those issues do not exist.  If a better grade of care develops in a "developing" country the world will go to it as its model. General concept is that each practitioner would have access to a horizontally structured database with a search engine designed according to the overall industry. Patient files would be retained by the patient and physician with no personal identifying information. The health care provider doesn't need name or government numbers to treat disease. Data would only be available to the practitioners and patients. A basic format describing condition observed, any testing done, treatment, and outcome would be created. This allows the practitioner to see similar situations when treating a patient with a stubborn or new ailment. It will also allow a chance to see success probabilities of various treatments. There would also be video and pod cast options for providers to further education within the industry. We have looked at several of the existing practice management softwares and their whole focus is to integrate with the socialist model of health care. We are separating from that. We see all providers, whether surgeons, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, pharmacists, acupuncturists, etc. as all equal players in the health care arena with the patient as the ultimate decision maker. We are very much in the brain storming stage with this project and welcome any and all who would like to participate.

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