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A New IT Protocol

With the current "spying" model of much of the information technology world, from Google and Microsoft to the myriad of kleptocratic governments, there has been a recommendation from several areas for a new protocol. The idea would be a method of communicating that would use the existing Internet hardware structure to send confidential traffic where the traffic itself was not detected. A similar concept was the US military radio format going from the open transmission using a CEOI for encoding to the current model of an encrypted burst that is heard as a fleeting moment of static if heard at all. There would probably be some form of special routing device at each end for translation with a unique key at each end. This would need to be integrated into a typical PC set up with an ability to side step key stroke tracking. Market consists of all individuals wanting privacy for their correspondence and financial transactions. Project status is seeking technical development parties and funding options at this time.  Once these are in place, solicitation for management and marketing will occur.

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