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Since 2005 CIDNSA has worked with clients in timber, coffee, granite and marble counter tops, real estate development, and industrial formulations. We can work with all aspects of the planning and negotiation. We have personal and contractual relationships with various individuals to help facilitate your project planning. Listed in our Projects in Creation page are some endeavors currently at conceptual stage. If you see one that catches your eye, contact us as some of these may be extensive and involve several minor projects in their attainment.  As a new note we are working with film, writing, and music artists in promotion of their works, and where applicable assisting them with funding, production, marketing, and legal issues. Be on the look out for film shorts, mucic audio and video clips, and electronic books on the website Artists Corner. Some items are available for purchase from our site via PayPal. If you would like for more information along those lines contact us via email or correspondence.


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