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     First for general housekeeping, the views expressed on the Blog and About US pages are not those of CIDNSA, its Board of Directors, or any of its affiliates. Articles written here are by Ernie Hopkins, Pamela Hancock, or Gavin Hopkins. Articles exclusively by Gavin Hopkins are noted in the article. Articles by Ernie generally have input from Gavin. Both Ernie and Gavin are part of a Celtic Clan originating as far back as can be determined from Wales. Their part of the Clan has migrated to Scotland, then Ireland, and to the Americas.  Our Clan shares a common philosophy in regards to matters of the spirit, learning, our associations with others, and how we earn our daily bread.

     Ernie began this life experience in rural Oklahoma. Both public and private school, Protestant and Catholic church influences shaped much of his early outlook on life and learning. Early life experiences led to a pursuit of knowlege and learning that included some of the more mystical side of mind and spirit. While getting degreed in history, a more varied career path than normal was pursued. Various facets of the large scale commercial construction industry, from electrical design to project mangement , were pursued until the traveling became an issue with raising a son. After that working with information technology in all facets and entrpeneurship became the focus. On top of this 10 years of military service with the army was completed. These diverse and varied experiences have made for a very balanced and interconnected understanding of people, structures, and events.

     Gavin began this life experience in Mississippi. His first 10 years were spent there till moving to Louisiana as part of a divorce settlement. He has since relocated to Mississippi where he is in public school and the only freshman on the debate team. He enjoys science, debate, history and French (only freshman in French II) within the school genre. He likes to shoot, play air soft, swim, camp, and play video games when out of the school confines. He is currently working on a science fiction novel.

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